First Love

Every driver starts somewhere. Every driver starts with their first car – their First Love.

For the legendary Mario Andretti, this is no different. He discovered his love and passion for racing after purchasing a beat up 1948 Hudson shell, which he and a group of friends hand-built, piece by piece, until it was ready to race two years later. The result of the project was ultimately the beginning of Mario Andretti’s legendary racing career though Indy, Daytona, and Formula 1.

In this dedicated site experience fans were invited to join others around the world to share their own first car memories, interact with special guests, and learn more about Mario Andretti’s legacy. The story was unveiled in three chapters, each specifically concentrating on telling Andretti’s story, and how a beat up Hudson was the catalyst for his entire racing career. Additionally, follow the team from Polyphony as they rebuild the legendary Hudson and feature it as a playable vehicle in Gran Turismo 6.


First Love - Chapters 1 & 3